Serving the Lord in Guatemala

January, 2024

“Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?”Isaiah 43:18, 19

Dear Prayer Partners in Christ,

            As we begin 2024, we greet you with anticipation and hope for the wonderful work which God will do in this year. Our family started the New Year with the text from Isaiah, chapter 43. Here, the Word of God encourages us not to be afraid but to look at God’s plan for doing new things in our life, instead of looking at the past. Dear prayer partners, we believe that 2024 will be a year full of blessings through the words of Isaiah 43. 

Zion Middle School

            Caleb visited several students in their homes last December. Among them, I would like to introduce Jonathan Ajquejay and Luis Gustavo Choc, who graduated in 2023. Jonathan set the example for other students by his exemplary school life. His mother worked as a city hall janitor to help pay for his tuition. However, this year, she will no longer be able to work in city hall. In Guatemala, the mayor serves a five-year term, and the term-of-office for all city hall officials and workers is the same. Since the new mayor has the power to appoint city hall officials, he will not hire anyone who does not support him. Sadly, she lost her job when the new mayor began his term in 2024. Jonathan’s father, who mainly works as a day laborer, is an alcoholic and is known in his neighborhood for drinking every day. Yet despite this difficult environment, Jonathan plans to continue his studies in high school, majoring in computer science. We pray for God’s provision for Jonathan’s studies. Please pray for young Jonathan to continue his education.

            Lewis’ father passed away three years ago. As a result, his family life has been difficult. But thanks to his mother’s hard work, he was able to graduate last year. Her mother worked as a tortilla baker and they lived with her father’s older brother, at his grandfather’s house. After his father died, his uncle kicked out the family. Now Lewis and his family live in his maternal grandmother’s house. Due to this family situation, Lewis became very introverted and passive, which made the teachers feel sorry for him. He liked drawing and planned to study it in the future. But due to his family’s circumstances, he works on a farm now. We pray for him to be able to have his high school education. Please pray for Lewis and his educational needs.

San Lorenzo

            Last December, we invited neighbors of San Lorenzo to come so we could share the Word of God, and distributed donated shampoos, soaps, and sanitary pads as Christmas gifts. About 50 people attended (pictured below left) and had a blessed time. Caleb also shared the importance and necessity of education with parents, who are currently satisfied with their young children working on a farm rather than continuing their studies at middle school. It is still a long way to go for the parents to understand what Caleb shared. Please pray for more educational opportunities to the youth in San Lorenzo.

Supporting Local Churches

            Also last December, Caleb visited the “House of Prayer” church located in Chimaltenango (pictured above right). Pastor Gomez, who has been a long-time friend, said that the church had revived and increased to 50 people and that they were continuing to work on evangelism, and also shared the difficulties in evangelism. To encourage the church as it strives for the Lord’s ministry, Caleb invited residents around the church to share the Word of God and distributed some gifts to celebrate Christmas. Please pray for the ministry of local churches as they are diligent to declare God’s Word.

Family News

            We are having car problems due to frequent breakdowns and defects of the car. Please pray for God’s provision for a better car in good condition. We do not want to waste funds on repairs that are not working.

            It is our prayer that God will protect our family and provide for our needs as we follow His leading in both Belgium (Joshua) and here in Guatemala in 2024. Dear prayer partners, we sincerely pray that these same blessings will be with your family and you. Praise God for His faithfulness and grace!

                                                                                                            In His endless love,

                                                                                                            Caleb and Debra Kang

PS from the Executive Director: Thankful for the regular support for this couple, may I suggest that if you would like to help with their car fund, or even in support of the educational needs of Jonathan and/or Luis, that you indicate such with your gift. On their behalf, I thank you.