Serving the Lord in the Andes Mission

January, 2024 

 “This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.” Isaiah 43:21

Dear brethren and friends in Christ,

          It is always a joy to be able to communicate with you and tell you how the Lord is working in this part of the world. We trust you are well and enjoying the blessings of our Heavenly Father. We also want to express our sincere thanks for your prayers and financial support. Both have made possible our ministry in Arica (Chile) to continue in the service of our God.

Christmas Program

          There was a beautiful Christmas program held on Saturday, December 16 at our Berea Church – for which we thank God. Many of the children’s parents attended to see their children participate, which gave opportunity for the evangelization of these mothers and fathers. Once the program was over, we had a small dinner together with all the brethren of the church along with these children and their parents. It was a good way to share with these brethren and to know more about the parents of the children. We ask you to pray for these parents. It has been a long time that we have been evangelizing them, and we would desire them to accept the call of God in their hearts and thus be of support in the faith for their children.

Members of the Berea Church

          Since they were children, brothers Francisco and Gonzalo Pantoja, along with their mother, Sister Griselda have faithfully attended and supported the church,. They have been a great example for each of the children and young people of the church, as they are always enthusiastic and willing to serve the Lord in whatever way they could. For that reason, we were happy when Francisco (pictured on back) was invited to take music classes in Santiago. It is a joy to see how he has grown spiritually and in his constant desire to serve in the work of the Lord.

          Another member of our church is our sister Malely Navarro. For work reasons she is living in Valparaiso. This year she will be taking her second year of I.P.E.C. virtually. I.P.E.C. is a course that prepares believers to be Sunday School teachers. We are so happy to see how Sister Malely continues to grow spiritually since her time here at Berea Church. We ask you to pray that God will help her to remain firm in the faith and to always have the constant desire to serve the Lord wherever she is.

Children and teenagers of Cerro de la Cruz

          As you may already know, most of the Sunday School attendees are children and teenagers from the area near the church, and mostly come from non-Christian homes. As a church, we are always concerned about their physical and spiritual well-being; therefore, we are always looking for ways to encourage them to attend Sunday School and our pre-teen meetings that are held on Saturdays. Thanks to the donation of a brother in Christ, we were able to buy a mini foosball table. We believe this will be an immense help since the youth and children can play and share after the service on Sundays and Saturdays. We want the emphasis to always be on the Lord. But this game will provide a small incentive for them to stay around with us after services.

Church Families

          Pray for the Arce and Medel families that they may accept the call of God in their hearts and live a life of honor and service to the Lord.

El Sembrador Church (Iquique, Chile)

            Would you pray for Jonathan as he will travel to the El Sembrador Church in Iquique, on February 4th.  It will be part of his regular ministry there, which will include administering the Lord’s Supper and baptizing new believers.  We ask that you continue praying for the spiritual growth of this church and for the spiritual lives of each of the brethren there.

Our Family

          We are very thankful that our daughter Melissa Noemí has finished the first semester of her second year of college, with good grades. We thank God because we know that He is the one who guides her and takes care of her. So, we would ask you to continue praying for her, that by God’s grace she will do well in her studies, remain strong in the Lord, and will find a ministry where she can serve the Lord at the college she attends.

            Also, we ask you to continue praying for the health of Janeth, so that God will give her spiritual and physical strength to serve Him in His work.

         We trust with all our hearts that the Lord blesses your lives and that we all take advantage of every opportunity that the Lord gives us to speak of Jesus to those who do not yet know Him.

“Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.” Isaiah 43:7

                                                                                                    in Christ,

                                                             Rev. Jonathan, Janeth, Ruth Meylí, and Melissa Jara