Missions with the Matamalas

May, 2024

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Ephesians 1:2).

To our beloved co-laborers,

              With the above Pauline verse, we greet you with the peace of God. For all the brethren and friends who support us with their prayers and offerings, we encourage you to move forward in the Christian life, knowing that our Lord is always with us and will never abandon us. We also thank you for the time you spend praying for our family and for the ministry we are doing here at the end of the earth. Without a doubt, the work we do is guided by the Holy Spirit, thanks to your prayers on our behalf. We are unworthy of this beautiful and solemn work, but God has been pleased to call us to His service.

              Almost three months have passed since the last letter, and in this time many things have happened. By the grace of God, a group of believers have already come together. We are forming not only a congregation but rather a “Christian family.” That is the seal that we are giving to this group of believers meeting here in Punta Arenas. Right now our group, meeting on Wednesdays, is between 10-13. We are studying the Word of God, and specifically the John’s Gospel and the deity of Jesus Christ.

              Then on Fridays we meet to bring our burdens before our sovereign God in prayer. On Saturdays we have a task of teaching the children. We ask you to continue praying for the children who have been faithful in attending, especially for: Danel, Elías and Emilia. God has allowed parents to participate in this activity. Emilia’s mother (Cecilia) and Elías’s parents (Jonathan and Carolina) accompany their children on Saturdays. Pray for Carolina, who has shown great interest in knowing God. We are holding all these activities in our home.

               On Sundays we have our worship service in a Bible Study Center, in the city’s downtown. This is where the Presbyterian missionary society in Chile contributes financially for us to rent the premises. It is a joy to see how God has brought more people to hear His Word. We thank Him for the Cárdenas family, who have been an important pillar in the Lord’s work.

              Now the weather is getting colder and colder as we are in the middle of autumn, with temperatures below 0 ̊ C (32 ̊F). Yet, this has not prevented the outdoor work. God allowed us to do evangelistic work in two parks during the Easter celebration. We also maintain a permanent work of distributing tracts, which has allowed us to deliver more than a thousand tracts in these two months.  In addition, we began an outreach ministry aimed at the youth. Weekly, we make visits to the University of Magallanes, where we personally share the gospel with young people who allow it. Four young girls heard the gospel last week; pray that God would work salvation, through the Holy Spirit, in their hearts.

              Our family is doing well. The children are very happy because of the constant visits of the brethren and children to our home. Because of this, they have been able to make new friends. God has taken care of our health and we have been without difficulties throughout this time. Daniel Josías (10 years old) supports the work by playing the accordion and directing devotionals; Joaquín (9 years old) helps by playing the airboard, making devotionals, and operating the computer in the projection of the services. Together with Elizabeth we are running the children’s club on Saturdays.

              We ask you to pray for this work and for the projects for which we hope God will open the doors. We trust that the God of this work will be sovereign in bearing fruit if He wants it, in His time.

Prayer Requests

              • Salvation of children’s club attendees (children and adults), and those who receive tracts.

              • Fidelity of brethren to Bible study, prayer and worship services

              • Fertile ground for salvation through the gospel for those at the Univ. of Magallanes


              • Magallanes Clinical Hospital: we are waiting for the director’s permission to begin the work of spiritual support for the workers of that institution.

              • Camp Lautaro: is a low-income place; we are waiting permission to start a children’s club

              God’s work continues to advance in “the uttermost part of the earth.” All work done is for the glory of God, and will bear fruit only by His grace.  May our Lord bless each of you and give you the strength to continue supporting us through your prayers.

                                                                        In the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,     

                                                                        Daniel, Elizabeth, Daniel Josías, Joaquín, and Catalina